Visitor taking a photo of the Moon
with her phone at a Science Museum Skywatch

Upcoming Events

SMV SkywatchMay 10No skywatch for April.
Saturday Under the StarsMay 11The one rescheduled for tonight (May 4) has been rescheduled. The next Saturday Under the Stars at Powhatan State Park will be Saturday, May 11, 8:00 – 10:00 PM at the equestrian parking area:  This is an RAS supported event and volunteer astronomers are needed and welcome.  These events are well-attended and we need plenty of astronomers.  Volunteer astronomers are welcome to continue to observe through the night after the public hours.  Note that the $5 parking fee applies at all times; parking fees are waived for volunteers sharing their expertise or helping with the event.  Please send a message to if you can help.   Map to the location is at this link
RAS monthly meetingMay 14Our monthly meeting will be held at the Science Museum of Virginia (in the Thalhimer Theater) and online at 7:30 pm. We will open the video conference at 7:00 PM at this link for people to chat, if they like, and keep it open after the meeting. Please join us if you can.

You can find a full list of venues on the Venue Page

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Schedule a Skywatch

Are you a teacher? Scout Leader? We offer skywatch sessions, free of charge, for any educational purpose. We’ll bring one or more telescopes, depending on the size of the crowd….

Future and Past RAS Events