July Meeting, VAAS and Some Solar Observing

July Meeting: At the July meeting, we heard a re-cap of the Green Bank Star Quest from Terry Barker.  Several RAS members attended and, from all reports, enjoyed the event.  This star party has been held for the past six years at the National Radio Observatory in Green Bank, WV.  The event is sponsored by … Read more

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your webcams!

If you haven’t heard, something has hit Jupiter and left a dark spot in the upper cloud layers of the planet.  The impact apparently occurred several days ago and the resulting spot is reportedly still visible through moderate size telescopes and would make a great webcam target for the imagers in our group.  More information … Read more

Tesla lecture

This was a Lunch Break Science event at the Science Museum. The talk was given by the Byrd Theatre’s Todd Schall-Vess. He gave an excellent overview of Nikola Tesla’s contribution to science, and also the gut wrenching details of how he was cheated out of large amounts of money several times in his life.

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Twitter updates available on FIOS

You can now access Facebook and Twitter from FIOS widgets. Just go to the menu, and select widgets (or press the widget button–the blue + button). Cycle through widgets until you get to Widget Bazaar. You can set up Favorites, like your own userid, or richastrova, to get richastro updates.