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Keep our Skies Dark!

(Picture courtesy NASA)

If you go outside and look at the night sky, you will see bright planets, thousands of stars, and a road through the sky called the Milky Way, all part of this Universe that we live in. Or maybe you will not. Increasingly, the Lights of the Universe are being blotted out my myriads of earthly lamps that blare their light to the sky and prevent us from seeing the stars. Our night skies are becoming gray or white.

The Richmond Astronomical Society is interested in this issue, as our viewing sites - Malvern Hill, Powhatan, and others are becoming increasingly bright from the lights of suburban Richmond, and we have to go further and further out into the countryside to find dark skies.

Mary Kathryne Dickinson made a presentation to the Richmond Astronomical Society on 2005 June 13 on the results of a science fair project that she recently competed in, in which she analyzed light pollution in the Richmond, Virginia area. Her presentation is at:


At the meeting of 2003 February 14, we heard Ms. Jennifer Barlow speak on a campaign for the entire nation to turn out its lights for two hours a day during the week of 2003 April 1-8. Her campaign can be found at this link:


Some other sites that may be of interest:

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