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August 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

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RAS Board Meeting August 20, 2012


President Jim Browder called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.


Attendees (10):

  • Jim Browder, President
  • David Medici, Vice President
  • Jim Blowers, Treasurer
  • Chris McCann, Secretary
  • Ken Wilson
  • Bettie Wilson
  • Prashant Reddy
  • Bill Newman
  • Dave Walton
  • Gary Cowardin


Secretary’s report given by Chris McCann

  • May’s board meeting minutes were discussed, and accepted.

Treasurer’s report given by Jim Blowers

  • Balance Summary         (as of 5/21/2012):                (as of 8/20/2012):
  • General Fund:                        6997.91                               6729.38
  • Observatory Fund:                    98.90                                   91.06
  • TOTAL:                                 7096.81                               6820.44
  • Checking Account:                2014.03                               1735.37
  • Savings Account:                   2860.84                               2860.89
  • Certificate of Deposit:            2221.94                               2224.18
  • Pay Pal Acct:                                0.00                                     0.00
  • TOTAL:                                 7096.81                                6820.44

Jim Blowers mentioned that RAS had renewed its insurance on the observatory.

Treasurer’s report was accepted by the board.


Observatory Report given by Jim Browder

  • No issues
  • Continual cleaning of observatory site
  • May need to get quotes on removing tree stumps
  • Several ideas to handle clean up of area.  Give suggestions to Randy, but let Randy deal with it!


Education Report (Jim Browder) :

  • Transit of Venus event at SMV – well attended by 500-1000 people, 45 minutes of viewing time, 16 scopes and large amount of support


  • Belmead (Powhatan) and Petersburg National Battlefield event (August 25) – Ray needs scopes after confirming date
  • Invitation to Dark Skies, Bright Kids event inCharlottesville(August 25)�
    • Due to 3 events on same night, action item is to email club for more volunteers.
    • Other recommended action item is to send email to known skywatch groups to inform them that we need “as early as possible” notice.
  • Invitation toGandyElementary SchoolinAshland(September 22)
  • Invitation toNelsonCountymusic festival (June 2013) – new idea
  • Tim’s scopes – back to observatory – Action for Dave Walton – 2 ‘scout’ scopes being sent to observatory for temporary storage.    Dave Walton – inventory survey is in process.


  • Many outreach skywatches and events have occurred and continue to be scheduled at various places.


Library Report (made by Jim Browder)

  • Virginiareported there was no change in status.  There are no problems at the Richmond Alarm Company. Everything is “peachy”.


Other Reports:

  • VAAS 2012 planning update – Bettie Wilson – Heart of Virginia scout camp, where the shelter and dining hall have been reserved.  Saturday, September 15, 2012.
    • Biggest issue appears to be getting directly in touch with camp personnel.
    • Expected speakers are good!!
    • Camp will provide snacks, lunch, and dinner – included in registration fee ($15 pre-register / $20 at door)
    • Restaurants within 5 miles
    • Sales table / swap table / raffle tickets
    • Skywatch on Saturday evening
    • Time schedule is solid
    • Club display
    • Registration form completed
    • Dark Skies, Bright Kids group needs a table


Old Business:



New Business:

  • VAAS loose ends (if any)
    • Ken – to work on website
    • Skywatch on Friday evening?
    • Door prizes??
    • More volunteers for go-fers and registration
  • Nominating committee chairmen for 2013 Board of Directors – Jim Blowers with help by Gary and Prashant.  Agreed that by-laws need to be reviewed for requirements.
  • Updates onHospiceCenterbehind observatory – Painted lines are drawn, and surveying is underway.



Next Board meeting will be Monday, November 19, 2012 at Extra Billy’s at 7pm.  If you want to come early for dinner, come by at 6pm.   Election of board officers on slate.


  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:18 pm.

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