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Here come the Perseids for 2009!

Aug 8th, 2009 | By | Category: Events

The Perseid Meteor Shower starts Aug. 11 (the night of our next RAS meeting).  The moon will be coming up around midnight, so the best time to see fainter meteors will be after dark until moonrise.  After moonrise, the glare of the moon will wash out many of the fainter meteors, but brighter ones may still be visible until dawn.  More info is available at

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  1. Can you recommend some public viewing sites in the Richmond area? I assume that higher up is better, with as few lights as possible (which makes me concerned about safety).


  2. Most public parks are out, because they want people out of the park at night. Perhaps a local school–for instance, Monacan High, near me, has several open fields behind the school that aren’t too bad. You want as little light as possible, and good visibility in all directions. A tough order in Virginia. Another possibility is a WMA, like at Powhatan. But, you’re right to be concerned about safety–if you’re going to an isolated area, I’d have company. I won’t be able to view myself, at least not locally, I’ll be in Florida. Good luck, I hope you see some good ones.

  3. I like the Powhatan Wildlife Management Area for viewing. I have been out there on numerous occasions without anybody bothering us…..there were a few other visitors at times, but no one seemed to bother anyone else. It is very dark and wide open for great views of the sky. I would definitely take a buddy with you, as a precaution, though.

  4. I’m glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I’ve been looking for a good stargazing place. My friend and I are going to check out the Powhatan WMA tonight. Looking forward to the shower!