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Orionid Meteor Shower viewing

Oct 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Events

The best time to view this shower will be tomorrow morning, before sunrise. I plan on going out to the scout camp around midnight–is anyone else up for going? Send me an email, and maybe we can ride together.

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  1. Hi,

    I live ini the richmond area, close to short pump.. Can you suggest a place where i can watch this from .?


  2. I didn’t see this until this morning, so I hope you found a place last night. I went to a boy scout camp in Powhatan, and saw five from midnight to 2 am. One was pretty nice, going right through Orion. Then the cold got to me, and I hung it up.

  3. A good place, although far from Short Pump, is the Powhatan Wildlife Management Area (enter N37° 32′ 36.60″, W78° 0′ 26.40″ in Google Maps and it will show it to you).

    I went there last night to see the Orionids and take pictures — still have to check if I got any meteor in them this time; got a couple of nice Perseid photos in 2008 there. Got there about midnight and stayed until about 3:30 am. Could see many meteors, including some non-Orionids. The coolest one was a slow, non-Orionid one, close to the Eastern horizon, with oscillating intensity and ending with a flash. Of course I did not have the equatorial mount pointed in that direction at the time, so no chance of photo. 🙂

    You might still see some meteors tonight if you try, I’ve read somewhere that the Orionids have a more spread amount of dates when you can see flurries of meteors, but someone would have to confirm that.