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Perseids meteors this weekend

Aug 11th, 2012 | By | Category: Events

The peak of this show is either tonight (Saturday, Aug. 11), or tomorrow night, depending on which web site you look at. But I’d go with Sunday, because we’re going to be clouded out tonight in Richmond. This is one of the best meteor showers of the year, and I was planning on trying tonight too, because even though the peak will last only a few hours, there will be a heavier frequency of meteors for a week on either side of the peak. The closer to the peak, the better, of course.

Your best bet is to drive out of town, away from city lights and trees (which block the horizon). A Wildlife Management area or Battlefield Park is good, although access may be blocked after nightfall, and you may get a visit from a ranger. But, as long as you explain what you’re doing, you should be all right.

The darker the site, the more meteors you will see. If you live in a congested area, with houses around you, you’re not likely to see very much. Your viewing will also be better after 11 pm or midnight.  The moon will come up around 2:30 am Monday morning, but it’ll be a crescent and shouldn’t have much of an effect on viewing.

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