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Aug 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Meetings

Star Zips around Milky Way Black Hole once in 11.5 years


Strange Cold Layer Discovered in Atmosphere of Venus


Gemini Observatory Captures Sharpest-Ever Ground-Based Image of Pluto and Charon


Liquid water near Europa’s surface a rarity


NASA rover finds old streambed on martian surface


Peering to the edge of a black hole


Hubble goes to the extreme to assemble farthest-ever view of the universe


Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen: MACS 1149-JD


Mysterious Spherical Objects on Mars Puzzle NASA Scientists


Mercury probe points to different origin for 1st planet


Hubble sees NGC 7090 — an active star-forming galaxy


Uranus reaches its 2012 peak


Mars rover targets unusual rock en route to first destination


The highest-resolution camera ever built 


Sharpest Ever Images of the Sun


New View of Oddly Shaped Pencil Nebula


Mars rover performing ‘almost flawlessly’


Dark energy is real, say Portsmouth astronomers


Extreme life-forms might be able to survive on eccentric exoplanets


First planets found around Sun-like stars in a cluster


Amateur Astronomers capture impact on Jupiter’s surface


One Degree Imager debuts at WIYN Telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory


Stunning views of the sky at night


Dawn Bids Vesta Adieu


Astronomers See Gravitational Waves from White-Dwarf Pair


Hubble Snaps Galaxy Pair Arp 116


Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Found Orbiting Red Dwarf Gliese 163


Uncovering Secrets of Messier 4


 Up in the sky: ‘Solar whip,’ Northern Lights


Walls of lunar crater may hold patchy ice


Explosion of galaxy formation lit up early universe


Curiosity rover begins eastbound trek on martian surface


Millions of black holes spotted


Kepler discovers multiple planets orbiting a pair of stars


Sweet Space: Sugar Molecules Found in Gas Surrounding Sun-Like Star


Space-warping white dwarfs produce gravitational waves


Human voice makes giant leap in space thanks to Curiosity


Neil Armstrong, a hero who shunned fame


Curiosity’s ChemCam laser first analyses yield beautiful results


Moon mission: A TV drama none of us will ever forget


Astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82


Australian Study Challenges Big Bang Theory


Curiosity’s ChemCam laser first analyses yield beautiful results


A Changing Landscape for U.S. Astronomy, Federal Funding on Decline


Twin of Magellanic Clouds-Milky Way System Found


NASA Keeps Focus on Mars – Another mission in 2016 


Mars rover passes first driving test


Astronomers Discover Impossible Binary Systems


Orionid meteors will light up the darkness


First evidence discovered of planet’s destruction by its star

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