Photographs by Richmond Astronomical Society Members

Many excellent photographs of astronomical phenomena including the Sun, the planets, deep sky objects, eclipses, comets, and galaxies have been taken by Richmond Astronomical Society members. Many of these are not scanned as yet and therefore can't be put on the Web.

A picture of part of the Moon's surface was shot directly through the eye peice of Anthony B. Bradley's 10" equitorial reflector. The eye peice was a Series 4000 Super Plossl with a lunar filter. The camera was a Pentax K1000.

On the evening of 1999 January 26 Sam Bruce took this 4-image composite of the moon at f6.3. According to Sam, "The detail is very nice and the blending was excellent (flat fielding)."

On the evening of 1999 February 10 Sam Bruce took a picture of the Great Nebula in Orion, M42, from his backyard observatory.

Another of our members regularly takes photographs of the Sun at the 7-inch telescope at the Ragland Observatory. Several of these are on Susan Brubaker's home page.

Some home pages with photographs follow:

Jim Blowers (solar eclipse, some comets)
Susan Brubaker (Several excellent photographs by members of RAS.)
Sam Bruce(CCD and astrophotography)
Gary Cowardin (Telescopes and astrophography) (Astrophotography)

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