Mobbed at Eclipse 2024

Several RAS members helped out at the Science Museum yesterday for the Solar Eclipse of 2024, and what a day it was. One of the TV stations estimated 1,000 to 1,500 people there. Thanks to Dan Salkovitz, Billy Wooten, and Allen Noah for helping out.

RAS also helped with events at Crump Park, where Peter Tlusty set up, and Powhatan State Park, with Jim Browder and Craig Akins.

Notice in the top image, people on top of the parking deck are getting an even more “stellar” view.

Allen Noah had a very interesting home-built rig, where he could display his telescope view on a screen that was about one foot wide. Very impressive.

Crump Park

Peter Tlusty partnered with Henrico County at Crump Park-some of his comments and pictures.

Wow! It was amazing.  They estimated over 1,000 people.  I had several scopes out with solar shields and a scope that had a live feed, which was broadcast over the county’s live Youtube and Facebook page.  I was told they had 120 plus viewers on that.  I had invited the Civil Air Patrol out to help and they were represented with cadets from 4 local Virginia squadrons.  They were taking observations and data for NASA for the Globe Eclipse Program, as well as helping monitor/aim/help people view the sun/eclipse through the telescopes. They were also taking data for NASA. Big presence of the CAP which was exciting. I am waiting on pics from them also. The other picture is me with my setup with my Svbony eyepiece sending the image to my laptop and then to the county tech guy’s computer where he was broadcasting everything live.

After the eclipse we had a rocket launch where we launched rockets the cadets had built and I had several teams competing in the American Rocketry Contest conducting test and qualification flights.

So it was a pretty cool day for sure.