Memorable Events with Members of the Richmond Astronomical Society

Leakes Mill Observing

At an impromptu observing session at Leakes Mill Park on June 25, 2017 Tyler Hutchison captured an image of the ground operations. A blog post by Tyler is here with additional images of the Milky Way and a two-day old moon.

Randy Tatum has Asteroid Named After Him

In October 2017, RAS member and veteran observer Randy Tatum was been honored by having an asteroid named after him!  This honor is in recognition of Randy’s lifelong work in lunar and planetary observing.  In 2016 Randy was also awarded the Walter Haas Award for lifetime achievement in lunar and planetary observing by the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers. You can relive the moment…

Madhup Rathi at Robious 2018

Madhup Rathi leading an indoor astronomy session at Robious Middle School at an event hosted by RAS astronomers in January 2018.  Image courtesy of Terry Barker.

Astronomer Lunch

Astronomer’s lunch in March 2018 at Delicia’s in Colonial Heights.  Not pictured is John Raymond who organized the lunch and served as group photographer.