August Meeting minutes

Richmond Astronomical Society
719th Consecutive Meeting
August 11, 2009
Jim Browder called our meeting to order, in the Eureka Room.
Greeting & Announcements – approximately 34 in attendance at the meeting.

Share table:
There were free books and magazines donated to anyone who wants them.  An agreement was made to save and donate the star atlas to Tim Streagle and his scouts.
There were also eclipse books and photos, in line with tonight’s presentation.

Observing and Events
Thanks to those who helped with the skywatch at Brandermill on August 3rd.  There was a great turnout.  Someone mentioned that a kid was announcing “Jupiter is here”.  Jim Blowers read an appreciation letter at the meeting, and also stated that a $100 donation was made to RAS from the Brandermill Association.
There were many observers and telescopes at the Science Museum Skywatch, but was quickly clouded out.
Perseid meteor showers peaking tonight, but the weather did not cooperate.

Mini Star party at the Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation in Goochland on Friday, August 14.
RAS Board of Direstors meeting at 7pm on August 17th at Extra Billy’s. Open to all memebers.  Come early at 6pm if you wish to eat, too.
SMV Skywatch & Livesky is Friday (August 21) at the Science Museum.  According to Leslie, the special topic of the Livesky is Jupiter.
Bryan Park skywatches:
Wed August 26 (Rain date is Mon August 31)
Thurs September 24 (Rain date is Mon September 28)
Thurs October 22 (Rain date is Mon October 26)

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The History of the Richmond Astronomical Society

The RAS startedin 1949 October as a group of local astronomers wanting to set up a group. The society, with a great deal of cooperative effort and some ingenious designs, constructed a 7-inch refracting telescope in the Bon Air vicinity of the Richmond area; this telescope is still usable today despite light pollution. The club … Read more

Tonight’s meeting topic

Tonight Ken and Betty Wilson will give a talk on the Great China Eclipse of 2009. This eclipse is a member of Saros 136; a Saros is a period of 18 years 10 1/3 days in which eclipses repeat. The previous eclipse of this Saros was on 1991 July 11, and I was in Mexico … Read more

RAS Board Meeting Notes May 18, 2009

RAS Board Meeting May 18, 2009 Attendees: Jim Browder, President Gary Cowardin, Vice President Jim Blowers, Treasurer John Barnett, Observatory Director Preston Kirby Notes from previous meeting accepted. Treasurer’s report (presented by Jim Blowers): Balance Summary: 66 members, drop from 73 last year for Astronomical League role. General Fund:      $7,460.89 Observatory Fund:    $236.25 TOTAL:             $7,697.14 … Read more

Brandermill Skywatch and Upcoming Events

Brandermill Skywatch: What a great skywatch we had at Brandermill on Monday night!   Many thanks to John Raymond for coordinating the event with Jennifer Strader of the Brandermill Community Association and to Terry Barker, Jim Blowers, Sue Brubaker, Gary Cowardin, Dave Credicott, Ray Moody, Hank Nebel and Dave Walton for bringing telescopes and their expertise … Read more