Binocular Event at Trinity

With the complication of the virus lockdown, RAS has altered the way we host skywatches. Telescopes are out, due to the impracticality of cleaning the eyepiece between viewings. So, we’re now offering two alternatives: a remote Zoom session, or people bring their own binocular, and we provide a guide to point out objects in the … Read more

First Light: Using Your Telescope

RAS made a few people happy about their telescopes the other night–we fixed them. The Science Museum of Virginia hosted a workshop on Feb. 3, and invited RAS members in to help attendees with their telescopes. One lady brought in one that had sat in her attic for 20 years, unused. Volunteers were Joe Racette, … Read more

Madhup Makes Astronomy’s Picture of the Day

Madhup Rathi had this picture of the Dumbbell Nebula (M27) featured in Astronomy Magazine’s Picture of the Day. The magazine article shows a beautiful image that Madhup took over about 10.5 hours (Luminance 38 images of 10 minutes each & 9 RGB images each of 10 minutes).

Mercury Transit at the SMV

John Beyer, RTD Meteorologist, wrote a nice article about RAS helping with the Mercury Transit on Monday, 11/11, at the Science Museum of Virginia.

Skywatch at Freeman High

Who knows what we turned off last night. We arrived at the Freeman High School practice field last night to find that the stadium lights were on. When asked, one of the students went over to a gray box, opened the access door, and started turning off switches. He finally found the right one. I … Read more

RAS Celebrates 70 Years

“Watch me pull off a miracle,” Angie announces. I’m helping organize the club’s 70th anniversary celebration and she catches me by surprise. Angie Hutchison has set up all the tables, including decorations, for the incoming crowd, when she realizes she has misplaced name tags. While not an event killer, it would be a nice-to-have. As … Read more

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Skywatch at Powhatan State Park

The skies at this park are very good-we could easily see the Milky Way, which is always a good omen. The park itself is very clean and well kept. We set up near a pavilion, also adjacent to bathrooms, and the sky was wide open almost all the way around. The night was hosted by … Read more

Skywatch at Intermission Beer Company

Who says jeeps and telescopes don’t mix? It turned out to be a good night for star gazing last week with a large crowd at Intermission Beer Company, due to it being Jeep NIght, but we had about 20-30 people interested in looking through our telescopes, too. No Moon, but we saw Jupiter, Saturn, and … Read more

Staunton River Star Party – Registration is now open for October!

Registration is now open for the fall installment of the Staunton River Star Party (October 21-27). Registration information at This star party is distinguished by being held at Staunton River State Park, which is designated by the International Dark Skies Association as a dark sky park and has a dedicated observing field adjacent to … Read more