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RAS equipment for loan

RAS Equipment for Loan to Members

Nov 17th, 2012 | By | Category: RAS equipment for loan

The Richmond Astronomical Society maintains an inventory of observing equipment that is available for loan to members in good standing with current dues payments.

Members should contact John Raymond at regarding the availability of specific items.

Equipment currently in our inventory appears below.  Note that equipment is generally in circulation and is not stored at a central location.  Images below are representative and may not match the exact piece of equipment.  Equipment loans are subject to availability.  Since much of the equipment has been donated to RAS, the current condition of specific pieces of equipment varies from item to item.


 C 8 orange Celestron 8-inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescope with basic mount    Notes: Alt-Az mount, unmotorized,  RAS item #11. Available for loan.
Meade 4-5 basic Meade 4.5-inch reflector with basic mount      RAS item #13.  Available for loan.
Meade 6-inch Dob Meade 8-inch Dobsonian telescope    Notes:  Mounted on dolly wheels.  RAS item #3.  Available for loan.
dsi_2 Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro CCD camera   RAS item #28.  Available for loan.
 stellacam2 camera Stellacam low-light integrating video camera with DVD player display    Notes:  Stored in heavy case for transporting with DVD player that can be used as a monitor.  RAS item #27.  Available for loan.
coronado pst Coronado Personal Solar Telescope   Notes:  With additional hydrogen-alpha filter kit (double stack filter) for enhanced narrowband views.  Mounted on simple tripod with slow-motion controls and low-precision battery-powered tracking motor.  RAS item #1 (scope) and #2 (double stack filter kit).  Available for loan.
Celestron Powertank battery Celestron Powertank battery    Notes: RAS item #26.  Available for loan.
pc164c Video imaging system and occultation timing kit
Notes:  Includes Supercircuits analog video camera and shortwave radio for timing of occultations.  RAS item #29.  Available for loan.
Celestron binoculars Celestron biniculars
Notes:  Good binoculars, but in need of careful cleaning.  When cleaned, need to remove mildew and deposits on lens surfaces using an appropriate procedure compatible with optical coatings.  RAS item #15.  Available for loan.
Celestron 4-5 inch scope on wooden tripod Celestron 4.5 inch Newtonian telescope on equatorial mount
Notes:  Unmotorized on wooden tripod with set of accompanying eyepieces.  RAS item #14.  Available for loan.
Criterion reflector 6-inch 6″ f/8 RV6 Criterion Newtonian reflector with equatorial mount
Notes:  RAS item #16.  Available for loan.
Generic filters Filters for 1.25-inch eyepiece barrel
Notes:  Polarizer (RAS item #18), 25A (RAS item #19), 80A (RAS item #20)
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