February 2013 Meeting Minutes

Richmond Astronomical Society

761st Consecutive Meeting

February 12, 2013



Greetings – approximately 32 in attendance at the meeting.

Jim Browder called our meeting to order in the Eureka meeting room.


Announcements / Share Table

  • Annual dues are due: This is the time of year when we ask our members to make sure their dues are paid for the upcoming year. Dues are $30 per year for regular membership, $10 additional for observatory operators. You can give your dues payment to our Treasurer, Jim Blowers, in person at a meeting or you can pay online with PayPal or by mail. Information on PayPal and mail payments is on the RAS web site under the “Membership/Dues Payment” link.
  • Jim Blowers has astronomical maps to show path of Comet PanStarrs
  • Books for Betty’s talk
  • John Barnett brought in a new Orion dobsonian telescope that he recently got a good deal on.  Facts: f’4, 100 mm lens diameter, approx 100x power, needs a Ploussel eyepiece.  Through it he saw the Moon and a “glorious Pleiades”.
  • JohnR is selling a rotating round table, large enough to hold a dob.  By using a 12volt battery, it can be used to handle an hour of tracking.
  • Prashant brought in a Photographic Moon Atlas, containing many amateur photos..
  • Madhu stated that someone in Providence Forge is selling a 12-inch Meade LX90 (make an offer)


 Library Report:

Virginia is starting to do inventory at the library.  Everything is great at the RAC where the library is.

The books she brought in for perusal and checking out:

  • How to Identify the Stars (1909)
  • Ancient Life (1991)
  • PBS Documentary:  Seeing in the Dark (2002)
  • Future of Space Time, by S. Hawkins
  • Sleepwatcher
  • Galaxies
  • Space Shots, with an introduction by Michael Collins
  • The Elegant Universe


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