Dust off your blink comparators – there may be a Planet Nine!

When Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto, he painstakingly photographed portions of the sky using a 13-inch telescope at Lowell Observatory and compared images from successive nights, looking for objects that showed movement between images.  Objects that moved over the course of a night would be within in our solar system.

13-inch Pluto Discovery Telescope (“Clyde Tombaugh,” Wikipedia.org)

Mr. Tombaugh used a device called a blink comparator which allows the operator to view two photographic images, rapidly switching between the two.  The human eye-brain combination is exceptionally good at seeing changes in the images.  Objects that showed movement could be noted for further investigation.  Any moving body that appeared where no object was known to exist would be a candidate for an undiscovered asteroids or planet.

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2016 Star Parties

Lots of star party opportunities in the mid-Atlantic region.  Below are the ones for which we have information.  If you would like another event to be listed, please send a note to president@richastro.org.  __________________________ Staunton River Star Party, March 9-13, Staunton River State Park: Registration is now open for the spring installment of the Staunton … Read more

Slooh Community Observatory

The Slooh Community Observatory recently contacted RAS to make available Slooh’s live video feed on our website.  Slooh covers events of astronomical interest, hosts interviews with astronomers and space scientists and presents live telescope views during imaging runs from Slooh’s remote telescopes. Below is the link to the live Slooh video feed: If you want … Read more