August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

RAS Board Meeting – August 28, 2017   President Jim Browder called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.   Attendees (10): Jim Browder, President Matthew Roy, Vice President Jim Blowers, Treasurer Chris McCann, Secretary Gary Cowardin Ken Wilson Terry Barker Joe Racette Betty Wilson Mike Lico Michael Pitchford   Missing: Ted Bethune Tyler Hutcheson … Read more

May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

2017 MAY Board Meeting    Attending: Jim Blowers, Matthew Roy, Mike Pitchford, Jim Browder, Mike Lico, John Raymond (Observatory Director, non board member), Ken Wilson, Tyler Hutchison, Madhup Rathi, Terry Barker   Secretary report: One member didn’t get his May Astronomy magazine. Report accepted.   Treasurer report: Accepted.   Observatory report: The tree on a … Read more