Starquest 2009 Review

Wow–what a weekend. My wife and I could not resist going this year. This is an annual event, normally taking place around July 4 weekend, at the National Radio Observatory, Green Bank, WV. It’s about 4 hours from Richmond. Alan Bean, The 4th man to walk on the moon gave a talk, and we got a chance to have our photographs taken with him.alan_bean_20090627 He gave an outstanding talk, including some stories from his days as an astronaut, and some motivational points, as well.

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February, 2009

RAS Board Meeting February 16, 2009 Attendees: Jim Browder, President Gary Cowardin, Vice President Jim Blowers, Treasurer Chris ~McCann, Secretary John Barnett, Observatory Director Preston Kirby Treasurer’s report given by Jim Blowers. Balance Summary: General Fund:      $7,347.97 Observatory Fund:    $301.21 TOTAL:             $7,649.18 Checking Account:  $2,679.25 Savings Account:   $2,854.02 Certificate of Deposit: $2,115.91 Pay Pal Acct:                … Read more

Iridium 45 Flare 2009 June 23

I went outside at 20:53 last night to see the Iridium flare. I thought an annoying cirrus cloud from the off-coast pinwheel low would get in the way, and the sky was still rather bright. But I saw it, nearly overhead, rather than at 69 degrees. It shone intensely bright (if Betelgeuse went supernova, it … Read more

Greenbank starquest

June 24-27, This is the annual event that takes place at the Green Bank Observatory. It’s a pretty good dark site, since there’s a limitation on electronic devices for miles around.